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Today let’s introducing the delve usage during Gopher’s daily development. I will show you a sample to demonstrate how I persist BTC block data to DB.


Blockchain industry from backend technical point of view, scanner or crawler of the block is necessary — — Structuring to display things like blockchain…

China is experiencing COVID-19 from the beginning of the 2020 China New Year. After the festival many programmers are working from home without heading to their office as usual for working days for safety. But there is trouble with API integration when colleagues are working without an internal network, the…

These days I have self hosted DepOps pipeline integrate with gogs, docker private registry and drone on my server, feeling good about it and I wrote done the setup steps and pitfalls developer should be aware of them when building the service.

The complete docker-compose.yml sample -> drone-gogs-registry-example

tree displays…

Bulk inserts is common requirement bases on relationship database. Someone would create records in a loop inside a transaction and finally commit to database, this would make sense if there is few records but when we need to create huge numbers of records, the solution isn’t a good sign.


As a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a part of blockchain industry builder, I will try my best to make the offort to build the cryptocurrency ecosystem better. In the post, I will share my experience on how to design a secure cryptocurrency wallet module for digital asset exchange. Wish it will…

As we all know, omnicore is a fork of the bitcoin-core codebase. Few part of USDT was issued as ERC20 token in Ethereum platform, due to historical reasons, The most popularest stable coin usdt was build on omnilayer — TetherUS. If you guy work on cryptocurrency wallet as your bussiness…

Dump Bitcoin Mainnet ledger to elasticsearch. constructed specify format so we can query balance and utxo, the main propose of the repo is for wallet or block explorer


Environment require:

  • Golang (compile)
  • Dep (package dependency)
  • Elasticsearch (database)

Before clone the repo, I wanna let claim that there is a bug…

Generate Ethereum HD wallet & offline sign && broadcast signed tx to network. Solution for eth cold wallet.


Environment Require

  • Golang
  • Ethereum Private chain
  • dep
  • cgo or xgo (for go-ethereum dependency)
  • MySQL (construct tx)
go get -u
cd $GOPATH/src/
dep ensure -v -update

because of the codebase import go-ethereum

Source code is hosted in Github: wenweih/ethereum-cold-wallet

As cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular between people. Importantly, with hight profits return, someone has increased the proportion of digital asset in their asset allocation. For those with strong faith about that blockchain technology is the first time for the human to…

As a backend programer, we often need to deploy our service to Linux server, create deploy user, setting ssh config to login our server by ssh rsa public key and install build essential environment is step one for server basic DepOps. …

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